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At long last, one central place to find the most frequently requested information related to our lyrics and choruses.

Translation of Arabic choruses

Lyrics for Divine Breath CD

Metaphors in Sufi Poetry

Al-Ghazali, a 10th century scholar who became a wandering ascetic, describes the role of music this way: "The purpose of music, considered in relation to God, is to arouse longing for God, and passionate love for Him, and to produce states in which God reveals Himself and His favor, which are beyond description and known only by experience. These states are called ecstasy."

Poetry, in Sufism, is used both as an expression of longing for union with the Divine and as a record of the poet's travel along his or her Path.

Our music unites these two forms of expression which share the same intention -- longing for the Divine.

Most of our lyrics are poems by Sufi masters -- Rumi, Hafiz, Shah Maghsoud, Omar Khayam -- translated into English by Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph.D. She has several books of translated Sufi poetry available through the International Association of Sufism.