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New and available for purchase!
Ocean of Love

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Then and Only Then
Divine Breath 2
Heal Our Family (the Mother's Song)
Estaq fir Allah

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Ya Salaam
Breeze of Dawn
Oh Dear Heart
Al Hamdolelah

Only You
Ya Man Hu
Light Upon Light
The Healer

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Divine Breath
Hu Haq Hoval Ali
Shokran Allah
Door of the Heart
Ya Ali
Small Body

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10% of net proceeds from sales go to the social service programs of the International Association of Sufism. These programs include the Sufi Women Organization, which is dedicated to aiding and educating women throughout the world, the children's literacy program, the breast cancer awareness program for female inmates, the prison project, and other programs.

CDs can also be purchased through the mail.
Please send a check or money order in US currency.

$15/per CD
California residents add 7.5% tax

$2 (per item) for shipping within continental U.S.
$4 (per item) for shipping outside continental U.S.

Make check payable to Taneen and mail to:

c/o Institute for Sufi Studies
14 Commercial Blvd., Suite 101, Novato, CA 94949 USA