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Metaphors in Sufi Poetry

From Selections by Dr. Nahid Angha. Published by the International Association of Sufism, San Rafael, CA. 1991.

(Words in parentheses are Farsi)

Allah - Generally means God, C reator, Source of Life. The Holy Qu'ran describes Allah as the light of the earth and of the skies.

Alchemy (kymia) - In Sufi poetry alchemy represents the process of purification of the heart.

Angha - Phoenix, the bird which rises from the ashes.

Beloved (ma'ashough) - Refers to God, Allah, who is the Beloved and Friend in Sufism. The eternal beauty.

Black Hair (gisouy-e-siyah) - Hair represents the path taken by the seeker; black refers to the essence of the Divine.

Breath (nafas) - Life. In terms of Sufism, a person who becomes stable and balanced in his/her own being will receive the Divine breath, and this new breath will take him/her to the stage of spiritual life and living.

Breeze of Dawn (ha'ad-e-saba'a) - The Divine breath.

Candle (shamm) - The Divine light that shines into the heart of the salek and illuminates his/her heart.

Cup (ja'am) - The heart of the Sufi filled with Divine illumination and awareness.

Drunk (mast, madhoush) - The state of ecstasy a seeker falls into through practices of meditation and concentration.

Ecstasy (bikhodi) - State of rapture and annihilation in the Divine.

Elixir (exiri) - Metaphor from alchemy that signifies the perfected human.

Falcon (baaz, ughaab) - Refers to the intellect and sometimes to the nature or the world of possibilities.

Ghaf - Highest mountain peak; goal of the seeker's journey.

Heart (del, ghalb ) - Heart has many meanings, but especially a metaphor for Divine treasure where the secrets of the hidden can be understood.

Love (eshgh) - Extreme attraction; in Sufi poetry it has been referred to as that fire which burns the lover and so purifies him/her, and also to the ocean that drowns the lover into the stages of annihilation.

Moth (parvaneh) - Salek or lover, attracted to the flame of the candle of Divine understanding.

Nafs - Self, ego, nature.

Pain (dard) - Longing for the Beloved.

Pen (ghalam) - Refers to the verse of the Qu'an where it is recorded that the whole world of creation is like a book, with beings as its words written by the pen of destiny and by the hand of intellect.

Poor (gedaa, faghir ) - One searching for the Divine manifestation to whom anything other than the Divine holds no value.

Salek - Spiritual seeker.

Tablet (louh) - Refers to the abstract unity and has also been used to mean the essence of a human being.

Tulip (laleh)- The reflection of the beauty of the Beloved upon the heart of the lover.

Tur - The mountain where Moses received his inspiration.

Wine (mey, shara'ah, ba'adeh) - The extremity of love that occurs only at the state of perfection.

Wine Bearer - Allah, the Divine, the Beloved.

Winery (khomkhaneh, meykaddeh)- The celestial world, but also the inner self or the heart of the perfected Sufi.

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