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"Like so many of those present at the interfaith conference at Asilomar last summer, I felt the love in your music open my heart. Thank you for opening so many hearts."
Joe Bobrow, Deep Streams Institute

"Taneen's music is spellbinding. It transcends differences...truly stunning."
Karen Pierce Gonzoles, San Francisco Chronicle

"The Taneen ensemble created a wonderful atmosphere of soothing and contemplative music. They provided the perfect prelude to the presentation of Parabola's film on Rumi."
Joe Kulin, publisher of Parabola Magazine



Bessmillah ar-Rahman ir-Rahim

Formed in 1996 under the guidance of Muslim Sufi Masters Shah Nazar Seyed Ali Kianfar and Seyeda Nahid Angha, founders of the International Association of Sufism, we reside in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, U.S.A.

Sufiism is the mystical heart of Islam. As seekers on the Sufi path, our music springs from the heart of prayer, inner practice, and spiritual discipline and is a celebration of heart's longing to feel connected to the source of mystery behind this reality and the source of peace within us all. We sing as an offering and a service intended to increase tranquility in the world.

With an authentic fusion of Middle Eastern and Western influences, we create new, original melodies; yet our music is deeply rooted in the Sufi tradition in its intention and inspiration. We primarily sing the love poetry of the great masters (such as Jalaleddin Rumi, Hafiz, Omar Khayam and Shah Maghsoud) in English translation, making the profound message of love which the Sufis profess very accessible to all audiences.

We have performed locally and internationally at events that focus on peace-building, human rights, and interfaith understanding and cooperation, including such events as the Sufism Symposium; Women's Partnership for Peace in the Middle East Inaugural Conference, Oslo, Norway; and at the 2006 Parliament of World's Relgions conference in Barcelona, Spain. Check out the events page for a full listing.