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Lyrics for Divine Breath

Metaphors in Sufi Poetry


Translations by Dr. Nahid Angha. Copyright, International Association of Sufism, 1991.

Divine Breath (Poet: Moulana Shah Maghsoud)

    The divine breath, an eternal melody
    Found its way to the Sufi's heart.
    A song is heard, a song is heard,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    Within the circle of the light,
    For the people of the heart,
    Sing the song of the eternal,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    Allah, Allah-hu, Allah, Allah-hu
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.

    The self, that haughtiness,
    Is far removed from love.
    Turn to the Tur of light,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    The grace, the grace of life,
    Within eternal love,
    Dwells in the heart of lovers,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    His beauty saturates my heart,
    Fragrant sweetness intoxicates me.
    Take my mind, an offering, a gift,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    Now I am a drunkard,
    I've lost my footing and my mind.
    No images etched on my heart,

    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.
    The cup, the wine and the Beloved
    Are all his honeyed fragrance,
    Hu Haq Hoval Ali.

Hu Haq Hoval Ali (Poet: Moulana Shah Maghsoud)

    Allah, Allah, Hu Haq Hoval Ali

    It is not I, but You,
    Who reveals and conceals,
    Giving me life, taking my heart,
    A Divine deed.
    I complain not of all You have done,
    For I am an aged body,
    You, the life of life.
    I am a talking parrot,
    You, the unveiler of the secret.
    I am annihilated,
    You are eternal life.
    I am drunken,
    You are the Wine Bearer.
    I am the shining candle
    That keeps its distance from the moth.
    You are the truth made manifest
    In a human face.
    You are the wealth,
    You are the treasure,
    Why do you desire my heart.
    You are the sun that's hidden
    In the heart of every cell,
    You are the king.
    Why do you accompany the poor?
    You are the sun that's hidden
    In the heart of every cell,
    You are the king.
    Why do you accompany the poor?

Shokran Allah (Poet: Moulana Shah Maghsoud)

    Everytime I sip the wine
    I take it from the Beloved's hand.
    So I receive and drink
    And so with wine become drunk.
    From that Wine Seller I have learned
    The ways of drinking.
    Prepare for such feast
    And drink when ready.
    Shokran Allah,
    Shokran Allah er-Rahman er-Rahim
    Allaho Ackbar
    If I should live I'll sacrafice my life
    At the feet of the Wine Bearer.
    If fortune should remain to me
    I'll hold the Beloved in my arms.
    As I've made wisdom busy
    With the changing lines of the shore,
    I reach to pull out of the depths of this
    Great ocean of insanity,
    The pure gem.
    Her black hair binds my heart's feet,
    See my submission to an infidel's snare.
    The sun's radiance in her face
    Is in the heart of every particle
    And I am like the wave
    Glimpsing into every cell.
    Through her parting elixer of alchemy
    My face becomes golden,
    So I could plunge the heart
    Of the universe into red fire.
    I am the songbird of the Divine
    And in the depth of richness,
    Should I destroy this cage
    I shall fly from this bowl of dust.

Door of the Heart (Poet: Moulana Shah Maghsoud)

    Last night I knocked on every door
    To ask within for a cup of wine,
    All gates were locked except the door,
    The door of the heart.
    Before it's house I stood and heard
    You've searched in vain before false doors.
    Before it's house I stood and heard
    There is no door but that of the heart.
    The door of the heart (repeat)

Ya Ali (Poet: Moulana Jallaledin Rumi)

    Ya Ali (repeat)

    Oh perfect life if there were no death,
    So cried a man in the market place.
    Hearing him a wise man said:
    Life would be worthless without death,
    This all-revolving dome of world
    Would not be worth a humble cent

    You then were just a haystack
    In the midst of nowhere, taking no care.
    You my sleeper open your eyes
    Mistake not life for mere passing by.
    For it is life you take for death
    Planting a seed in the midst of nowhere.
    Your mind is a mirror upside down
    Seeing death in the heart of life.
    Oh God, show him what all things are
    Lying in your treasure chest.

    The dead have not regret of death
    But all regret that they did not have more,
    But less.
    From wealth to field you have fallen,
    Wealth and joy are all about you.
    Your destiny is not the ruin,
    But the wealth that still
    Awaits you in pure wine
    And not false drunkeness.

    Live life, die when it comes. (repeat)

Enraptured (Poet: Moulana Shah Maghsoud)

    La illaha illala,
    Mohammadan Rasulu'Allah,
    Ali'yan Vali'Allah

    Do you know me, oh dear heart?
    I am but life from the Beloved,
    Not just mere clay,
    But rather the light of the heart
    Breathed into the heart of dust.
    I am the soul of the spirit
    My heart resides beyond the spheres
    My life springs forth from His commanding
    Earth from heaven, life hid in dust.
    I fall like the crying rain
    Upon the smiling flower
    As I remain upon this globe
    In smiles and in tears.
    Divine willed and said:
    I am, both life and body.
    Gaze forth at destiny and see
    How life is hid in the body,
    Pure mirror of my heart
    Relfecting Divine light,
    Truth's image cast unto my being.
    The hidden guide of truthfulness
    Accompanied me on a safe journey
    From dark nafs to life's waters
    Searching for the Divine,
    A quest eternal and deserving.
    Like nonexistence I appear concealed
    From beginning to the end,
    Guarded by Divine it's not my scheme
    That takes me past my limitations.

    I have looked upon the light
    Of the friends of the Divine,
    From the depths speaking:
    I was a hidden treasure.
    If you suffer pain,
    My guide knows it's healing,
    For in the pure face of Mohammad
    I have seen the light of Ali.
    All that exists
    astounded by my secrets.
    I am the falcon of the master,
    I am the Angha of the dear ghaf,
    Enraptured and drunk am I
    Singing my songs.

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